About Handbooks in Health Care

Now in its 35th year, Handbooks in Health Care Company (HHC), a division of Associates in Medical Marketing Company Inc., has sold millions of copies of over 100 original, pocket-sized handbooks in almost every major therapeutic category and disease state.

All HHCbooks are written by leading experts for today's busy physician, nursing professionals, and pharmacy professionals. Available as print bulk order, HHCbooks are reasonably priced, minimum bulk order is 50 copies. Contact us to inquire special pricing for bulk orders.

Need an authoritative educational offering for an upcoming initiative? Offer complimentary copies of HHCbooks at major medical meetings, eg, AHA, ICAAC, ACOG, ACG, Pri-Med, "Lunch and Learns," as part of mail programs, as survey participation incentives, or as sales force giveaways.