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Contemporary Managed Care Issues for Physicians™
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Contemporary Managed Care Issues for Physicians™

This review of managed health care by a team of physicians addresses the issues every clinician must understand in a managed-care environment. Topics covered include the impact of foreign medical graduates on the health-care system, the changing role of academic medical centers, and reimbursement concerns, including Medicare and Medicaid. Second edition; 128 pages.

Kevin D. Cairns, MD, MPH

Glenn Gandelman, MD, MPH

Anita E. Tsen, MD

Michael T. Witt, MD, MPH

James J. Wu, MSC, MPH

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Managed Care Concepts
Chapter 3: Managed Care and Medical Schools
Chapter 4: Specialties vs Primary Care
Chapter 5: Managed Care and Residency Training
Chapter 6: Foreign Medical Graduates and Residency Opportunities
Chapter 7: Postresidency Training
Chapter 8: Managed Care and Practice Issues
Chapter 9: Medicare and Medicaid
Chapter 10: Afterword
Chapter 11: Glossary

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