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Contemporary Guide to Aesthetic Enhancement™
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Contemporary Guide to Aesthetic Enhancement™

Aesthetic enhancement procedures are no longer the exclusive purview of the plastic surgeon. This new handbook by a leading authority on aesthetic enhancement explains the various minimally invasive procedures that primary care physicians can perform in office to improve the appearance of their patients. 146 pages.

Marian Cantisano-Zilkha, MD

Marian Cantisano-Zilkha, MD

Marian Cantisano-Zilkha, MD
Center of Studies of Oculoplastic and Reconstructive Surgery of Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,
and Center for Integrative and Aesthetic Medicine,                     New York, NY

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Overview of Aesthetic Approach
Chapter 2: Understanding Skin Care
Chapter 3: Understanding the Uses of Botulinum Toxin
Chapter 4: Understanding the Uses of Injectable Fillers and Volumizers
Chapter 5: Understanding Chemical Peels
Chapter 6: Understanding Skin Resurfacing—Mechanical Devices, Lasers, and Other Light Modalities
Chapter 7: Understanding Radiofrequency Technology and Infrared Energy for Skin Tightening
Chapter 8: Combining Aesthetic Enhancement Therapies
20 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Aesthetic Enhancement