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Contemporary Diagnosis and Management of Male Erectile Dysfunction<sup>®</sup>
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Contemporary Diagnosis and Management of Male Erectile Dysfunction®

The National Institutes of Health estimates that 10 to 30 million men in the United States suffer from erectile dysfunction. This informative text, written by an internationally prominent urologist, provides an overview of the anatomy involved and an in-depth review of the diagnosis and causes of male sexual dysfunction. Surgical, pharmacologic, and non-pharmacologic treatment options are discussed. Charts, tables, line drawings, and photographs enhance the text. Second edition; 160 pages.

Tom F. Lue, MD

Tom F. Lue, MD

Professor, Department of Urology
Vice Chairman, Department of Urology
Medical Director, Knuppe Molecular
Urology Laboratory
                    University of California
                    San Francisco, California

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Anatomy and Physiology of the Penis 
Chapter 2: Pathophysiology of Impotence 
Chapter 3: History, Physical Examination, and Laboratory Tests 
Chapter 4: Additional Investigations 
Chapter 5: Psychosexual Counseling and Nonmedical Therapies 
Chapter 6: Hormonal Therapy 
Chapter 7: Pharmacotherapy: Oral and Topical Agents 
Chapter 8: Pharmacotherapy: Intracavernous Injection 
Chapter 9: External Erection Device 
Chapter 10: Vascular Surgery 
Chapter 11: Penile Prostheses 
Chapter 12: Priapism 
Chapter 13: Peyronie’s Disease 
Chapter 14: Case Management Examples 

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