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Contemporary Diagnosis and Management of Parkinson’s Disease<sup>®</sup>
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Contemporary Diagnosis and Management of Parkinson’s Disease®

In this useful medical reference, the symptomatology and disease progression of Parkinson’s disease (PD) is discussed in detail. The cardinal signs and symptoms of PD are identified, and new pharmacotherapy treatments and surgical techniques are explored to ease the pain and suffering of patients with this devastating neurologic disorder. 176 pages.

Kathleen M. Shannon, MD

Kathleen M. Shannon, MD

Associate Professor,
Department of Neurological Sciences
Section of Movement Disorders
Rush University Medical Center
                    Chicago, Illinois

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction, Epidemiology, and Scope of the Problem 
Chapter 2: Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis 
Chapter 3: Pathology, Pathophysiology, and Pathogenesis 
Chapter 4: Pharmacology of Parkinson’s Disease 
Chapter 5: Medical Management of Motor Dysfunction in Early Disease 
Chapter 6: Medical Management of Motor Dysfunction in Moderate-to-Advanced Disease 
Chapter 7: Surgical Management of Motor Dysfunction 
Chapter 8: Nonmotor Aspects of Parkinson’s Disease and Their Medical   Management 
Chapter 9: Other Treatment Modalities 
Chapter 10: Summary and Other Considerations 

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