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A Patient’s Guide to Headache and Migraine™
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A Patient’s Guide to Headache and Migraine™

Practical Guidelines for Managing Your Symptoms and Pain

Headache and migraine sufferers are the most misunderstood in medicine today. This valuable reference guide is an information resource for patients about the various headache syndromes and the kinds of prescription and over-the-counter medications that can provide relief.

Seymour Diamond, MD

Director, Diamond Headache Clinic
Chicago, IL

Merle Lea Diamond, MD

Associate Director, Diamond Headache Clinic
Chicago, IL

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Help for Headaches
Chapter 2: Diagnosing Your Headaches
Chapter 3: Managing Your Tension-type Headaches
Chapter 4: Managing Your Migraine Headaches
Chapter 5: Understanding Headaches in Women
Chapter 6: Coping With Your Cluster Headaches
Chapter 7: Managing Your Organic Headaches
Chapter 8: Treating Your Posttraumatic Headaches
Chapter 9: Emergency Department Treatment for Headaches
Chapter 10: Self-Care for Headaches

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