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Contemporary Guide to Contraception<sup>®</sup><br />
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Contemporary Guide to Contraception®

This handbook is a primer on the assessment, selection, and monitoring of contemporary contraceptive methods for men and women. It includes a 44-page, full-color atlas of photographs of the available oral contraceptive pills, both brand name and generic products. The handbook is geared to busy obstetricians, gynecologists, women’s health practitioners, and primary care physicians who desire a concise synopsis and update on the various contraceptive methods. Fourth edition; 316 pages including a full-color atlas.

Steven T. Nakajima, MD

Steven T. Nakajima, MD

Professor and Division Chief
Division of Reproductive Endocrinology
and Infertility
                    Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology,
                    and Women’s Health
                    University of Louisville School of Medicine
                    Louisville, Kentucky

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Contraceptive Options
Chapter 2: Steroid Contraception: Estrogen/Progestin Combination Oral Contraceptive Pills
Chapter 3: Steroid Contraception: Progestin-Only Oral Contraceptive Pills
Chapter 4: Steroid Contraception: The Patch and Vaginal Ring
Chapter 5: Steroid Contraception: Injections and Implants
Chapter 6: Intrauterine Contraception: Steroid- and Nonsteroid-Based Devices
Chapter 7: Emergency Contraception
Chapter 8: Barrier Contraception: Male Condoms
Chapter 9: Barrier Contraception: Diaphragm, Cervical Cap, and the Female Condom
Chapter 10: Other Contraceptive Methods
Chapter 11: Female Sterilization
Chapter 12: Male Sterilization
Chapter 13: Future Methods and Areas of Investigation

Appendix A: Efficacy of Different Contraceptive Methods
Appendix B: Oral Contraceptive Pills (OCPs) Listed Alphabetically
Appendix C: Oral Contraceptive Pills Listed by Manufacturer
Appendix D: Oral Contraceptive Pills Listed by Dose and Formulation
Color Atlas of Oral Contraceptive Pills

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